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    In the Loop: Nurse survives 100-foot fall, has new work perspective

patient Amber climbing and hiking on rugged hills and mountainsIn May, Amber Kohnhorst fell 100 feet off a cliff while hiking in Arizona. She was convinced, for a time, that she would die alone on the ledge where she'd landed. But as we reported shortly after her accident, Amber — a remarkably positive and determined person — crawled halfway back up the canyon and was eventually rescued.

That uphill climb continued, as Amber worked to recover from injuries that included a broken nose, back and pelvis. After 10 weeks of bedrest, the avid outdoorswoman was able to begin physical therapy. Amber tells us her recovery has been agonizingly slow. "At first, I couldn't even put on my own shoes," she says. But she's pressed on, focused on returning to activities and work that she loves. And as KIMT and WCCO report, Amber recently achieved a major milestone when she walked through the doors of Mayo Clinic as a nurse instead of a patient for the first time since her accident. "It's really nice to be back at work," she tells us. "Everyone has been really welcoming." Read the rest of Amber's story.
This story originally appeared on the In the Loop blog.