• By Dana Sparks

In the Loop: Obstetrician by day, Major League Baseball scorer by night

April 10, 2018

When he's not delivering babies at Mayo Clinic's Rochester Campus, Dr. Kyle Traynor likes to relax by sharpening his pencil and serving as an official scorer for the Minnesota Twins. (This article appeared In the Loop April 5.)

Despite temperatures expected to hover around 39 degrees here in the still snow-capped Bold North, the Minnesota Twins will host the Seattle Mariners today for their home opener at Target Field. (We hope Ichiro and company brought hand warmers.) One fan braving Minnesota's winter revival to take in the game is Kyle Traynor, M.D. But Dr. Traynor, a Mayo Clinic OB/GYN specialist, will be in the Twins' press box, where he'll be serving as one of the team's three official scorers.

It's an enviable side gig (to us, at least) that he's held for quite some time. And it's one he tells The Athletic has, surprisingly, a few things in common with his work at Mayo Clinic. "Obstetrics can be hours of boredom sparked by moments of sheer terror," Dr. Traynor tells reporter Jim Caple. "Baseball can be a little of the same. The routine, mundane play, the 6-3 or 5-3 or fly out to left field — that doesn't take a lot of thought and a lot of brains, and it's not anxious. But when it gets anxious, it gets anxious in a hurry." Read the rest of the story.