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    In the Loop: Physician couple saves fellow passenger’s life on flight

The plane had reached cruising altitude and the flight attendants were serving drinks when suddenly, the routine trip from Minneapolis to Phoenix took a dramatic turn. A passenger had gone into cardiac arrest and become unresponsive. The woman's companion and flight attendants began calling for help.

Fortunately, help was close at hand. Very close. Not one, but two doctors were sitting directly behind the ailing passenger. When they heard the commotion, Chetna Mangat, M.D., and her husband, Gagandeep Singh, M.D., quickly put their medical skills to work.

"My husband jumped up and found that the woman had no pulse," Dr. Mangat, a pediatrician at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, tells the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram. "Without wasting any time, he pulled her onto the floor in the aisle and we started active CPR."

Dr. Mangat performed chest compressions while her husband, a family practice doctor who also cares for patients in the emergency department, began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Two other passengers with medical backgrounds came to help. They checked the woman's heart rhythm and determined she would not need to be shocked. After "four or five minutes" of CPR, the woman's heart began beating again and she resumed consciousness. Read the rest of the story.
This story originally appeared on the In the Loop blog.