• By Dana Sparks

In the Loop: Refugee Dr. Ahmed Mohamed’s road to Mayo Clinic

May 2, 2017

When Ahmed Mohamed's family came to Rochester in 1996 seeking refuge from the civil war in Somalia, the 6-year-old knew only three words in English. But by the time he'd reached fourth grade, Ahmed had mastered English so well that he was able to graduate from Rochester Public Schools' "English for Speakers of Other Languages" program. "I was very good student and I never disrupted class," Ahmed recently told the Rochester Post-Bulletin. "I was quiet in class up until I got into med school."

By that time in Ahmed's life, he had already reached something of a celebrity status among his peers in Rochester's growing Somali-American community. "They began to call him doctor," reporter Matthew Stolle writes, "despite his protestations at the time that he had yet to earn his degree." Read the rest of the story.

This story originally appeared on the In the Loop blog.