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    In the Loop: Resident turns de facto activist in the name of science

Growing up in rural Mississippi, Joy Hughes, M.D., never really saw herself diving into the world of political activism. What she did envision herself doing, however, was becoming a scientist, thanks in large part to her father. "My dad bought a telescope, and he would take us outside to look at the stars every night," Dr. Hughes tells us. "He'd talk to us about astronomy and the science behind it, and that helped spark an interest in science and technology for me."

Today, as a general surgery resident at Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus, Dr. Hughes has turned that interest into a career. Her husband, a neurosurgery resident at Mayo Clinic, is also in the field. "We live science every day," Dr. Hughes tells us. "Day in and day out, I'm using science and technology while also learning other scientific, evidence-based things from my colleagues here. So there's the science for you right there." Read the rest of the story.
This story originally appeared on the In the Loop blog.

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