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    In the Loop: Sharing health care and hope in the Bahamas

volunteer nurses at Hope Town, Bahamas

Michele Woodrum, a CRNA at Mayo Clinic, didn't hesitate when a friend invited her to Hope Town in the Bahamas to provide health care to islanders after last month's hurricane.

Michele Woodrum looked out the window of the plane, down to the familiar place below. Though she'd visited Hope Town — a tiny village on Elbow Cay in the Bahamas — many times before, on this day she hardly recognized it. Gone were the bright pinks, yellows and blues that normally dotted the island. Instead, Woodrum saw a devastating palate of brown and grey, courtesy of Hurricane Dorian. The storm had ripped houses apart, shattered buildings and lifted boats out of the water, depositing them on shore. "The place was completely destroyed," Woodrum tells us.

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This story originally appeared on the In the Loop blog.