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    In the Loop: Tips for fitting fitness into your workday

Mayo Clinic staff, three women, walking in the hallway and talking in a walking meeting

With all of the demands of modern life, it can be tough to fit in fitness. But with a bit of creative thinking, it’s possible — even at the office. Life's daily demands can make fitting in a workout more difficult than fitting into your jeans from high school. But with a little creativity, it's possible to make your everyday activities count double, according to Danielle Johnson. "For many people, the biggest obstacle to getting more exercise is time," says Johnson, a physical therapist for the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program. "People feel stretched between their career, child care demands and family commitments. Thinking of spending an hour extra at the gym may feel overwhelming."

But you don't have to give in to that feeling. Instead, Johnson says, you can find ways to make your everyday activities work double. "You'll still be able to reap the benefits of exercise by using small bouts of movement throughout the day," Johnson says. "Two 10-minute walks, a few sets of stairs and some five-minute intervals of bodyweight squats, lunges or push-ups can add up to big health benefits." Read the rest of the article.
This story originally appeared on the In the Loop blog.