• In the Loop: Virtual reality gaming helps patients step out of their own realities

Chuck and Nicole Marino's mobile gaming station, Hyperspace Starcade, provided a nice break from reality for kids at Mayo Eugenio Children's Center.

When Chuck and Nicole Marino launched a mobile entertainment business last winter, the concept was simple: To make kids (and parents) happy by bringing a high-tech, mobile gaming station right to the curbs and driveways of anyone looking to have a little fun without any of the stress or mess that comes with organizing such things themselves. "Our video game truck is truly an arcade on wheels," Chuck and Nicole write on the Hyperspace Starcade website. "We set up the playing field right in your yard, parking lot or any outdoor area … we can even set up indoors."

They proved that last point one day last month, setting up inside Mayo Eugenio Children's Center in Rochester. "I've been a patient at Mayo Clinic many times myself, and so we're big fans of Mayo — especially the children's hospital," Chuck tells us. He and Nicole thought a little virtual reality might provide kids with a nice break from the reality of hospital life and offered to donate a day of play.

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