• In the Loop: Zebrafish help students see dangers of vaping from the InSciEd Out

Rather than simply telling kids vaping is harmful to their health, one Rochester school took a different approach to prevention, letting students figure it out themselves through hands-on research.

Ever since vaping caught on among kids as a perceived safer alternative to smoking, medical officials have released statement after statement dispelling that belief. But sometimes, telling kids not to do something can sometimes have the opposite effect. That's why one middle school in Rochester took a different approach to vaping prevention. Rather than simply telling kids vaping is harmful to their health, they let them figure it out for themselves in a safe and fun environment.

Last fall, students at Lincoln K-8 District-Wide School began studying the effects of vaping solutions on developing zebrafish embryos, as the Rochester Post-Bulletin and KARE11 News report. The research was part of the school's participation in InSciEd Out, a partnership between the InSciEd Out Foundation, Rochester Public Schools and Mayo Clinic created to "engage students and empower teachers through research-based experiential learning."

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