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If we could peer into the future of medical care, individualized medicine would be what you see.  On Saturday, Oct. 5, we will broadcast from the Individualizing Medicine Conference, in Rochester, Minn.  We'll discuss how the promise of genomic medicine has been brought into the medical practice and what genomics advances mean for patient care?  We will learn how genomics is being used right now and what the future holds.  Also, what does a genetic counselor do? We have lots of questions and a fascinating conversation in store.

Miss this show? Listen to the podcast! Mayo Clinic Radio Full Show 10-5-13 44min mp3

Guests on the program are:

  • Eric Green, M.D., Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health.
  • Kiley Johnson, Genetic Counselor, Mayo Clinic, Rochester
  • Alexander Parker, Ph.D., Associate Director of the Center for Individualizing Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville.

Myth or Matter of Fact:  Genomic discoveries can help cure genetic disease.

A Twitter re-cap from #CIMCon2013 is found on Storify here.

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