• Indoor Tanning Industry Draws More Heat

The indoor tanning business is receiving more heat, as a recent Congressional report accuses the industry of misleading teenagers about the health risks associated with tanning beds.  The American Academy of Dermatology Association has released this statement, urging policymakers to act on the investigation and adopt federal legislation to protect young people.

Mayo Clinic Dermatologist Dr. Dawn Davis says skin cancer is not the only risk.

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Title:   Dr. Dawn Davis  -  Mayo Clinic Pediatric Dermatologist

The congressional investigation called more than 300 tanning salons in several states, posing as fair-skinned 16-year-olds asking a number of questions about the health and safety of indoor tanning. Some highlights of the report include:

  • 90% of the salons reported that there is no health risk in regard to indoor tanning.
  • Four out of five salons surveyed insisted that tanning would be good/healthy.
  • Nearly all salons denied the known risks of indoor tanning.
  • Four out of five salons falsely claimed that indoor tanning is beneficial to a young person’s health.
  • Salons used many approaches to minimize the health risks of indoor tanning.
  • Tanning salons fail to follow FDA recommendations on tanning frequency.
  • Tanning salons target teenage girls in their advertisements.


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