• Investigating Mysterious Symptoms and Naming the Culprit

Cindy WMy name is Cindy W. I was recently seen by Dr. Randall Edson in the Mayo Clinic Infectious Disease Department. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Edson! He spent 2 hours with me listening to all the details of how I had been sick for the past year. He is kind and affirming. I have never had a doctor in my lifetime ever listen to me in that way.

He is warm and caring. When he made his diagnosis he looked up information on the computer and showed me in great detail what he believed had happened to me, how it happened and what the treatment needed to be.

I also saw two dermatologists that day and they were equally kind and affirming.

At the end of the day, Dr. Edson telephoned me to see if I had any more questions, how I was doing and again had kind words for me. Doctors don't just call to see if you have questions or concerns - this was beyond my imagination that he would call me just to make sure I was ok.

Over the past nine months I had seen about eight different doctors for this problem, including other infectious disease specialists, and none of those doctors had a correct diagnosis for me. Some doubted that there was anything at all wrong with me. Dr. Edson told me what was wrong and immediately there was an explanation for all my symptoms.

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