• Lack of Exercise Should Be a Medical Condition

What if lack of exercise was treated as a medical condition? With a sedentary lifestyle a common cause of obesity, and excessive body weight and fat considered catalysts for diabetes, high blood pressure, and joint damage, Mayo Clinic physiologist Michael Joyner, M.D., argues that it should be. Dr. Joyner says, “I would argue that physical inactivity is the root cause of many of the common problems that we have. If we were to medicalize it, we could then develop a way, just like we’ve done for addiction, cigarettes and other things, to give people treatments, and lifelong treatments, that focus on behavioral modifications and physical activity.”

Sound bites with Dr. Joyner are available in the downloads above.

Expert title for broadcast cg: Dr. Michael Joyner, Mayo Clinic Physiologist

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Dr. Joyner commentary is published this month in The Journal of Physiology. 

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