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    Learning healthy habits at Camp Wabi

children at Camp Wabi in bathing suits at the edge of the lake laughing and smilingAre you concerned about your child’s weight? Would your child benefit from learning healthy eating tips in a fun summer setting?

If you're interested in a healthy experience where your child will enjoy a typical summer camp, learn how to eat well and develop skills to live a healthy lifestyle, then Camp Wabi might be a good fit.

Created by Mayo Clinic Health System and the Eau Claire, Wisconsin YMCA, the camp is designed to provide a welcoming place for kids who struggle with weight.

2018 Camp Wabi registration is open! Check website.children from Camp Wabi in a sailboatAt Camp Wabi young people learn to integrate healthy habits into their lives while enjoying kayaking, swimming and archery in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

One hour each day is dedicated to lessons presented by behavioral counselors. Campers learn about nutrition and the reasons we often over eat, like stress and boredom.

Camp Wabi: Parent Q&A

Watch this video for more answers to questions about Camp Wabi.

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