• Little-Known Condition Causes 5%-10% of High Blood Pressure Cases

More than 1 out of 4 Americans has high blood pressure. For millions of them, a little-known condition is to blame; primary aldosteronism or PA. It's caused when nodules on the adrenal glands increase the production of a specific, and even toxic,  hormone. The good news - the right treatment may cure their hypertension permanently and even save their life. Dennis Douda has more on how the condition is diagnosed and treated. A word of caution: There are graphic surgery images in the video. [TRT 2:21]

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Journalists: The video package and additional b-roll are available in the downloads. (TV stations: The graphic surgery images are at 1:35 & 1:55 in the video.)

Members of the media wishing to interview Dr. William Young may call 507-284-5005 or write to newsbureau@mayo.edu to make a request. 

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