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    Living With Cancer: Diagnosing and treating rectal cancer

a medical illustration of rectal cancerRectal cancer: Diagnosis and treatment 
In the past, long-term survival was uncommon for people with rectal cancer — even after extensive treatment. Thanks to treatment advances over the past 30 years, rectal cancer can be cured in many cases. Learn about the diagnosis and staging of rectal cancer, and the treatment options that might be right for you.

HPV infection and cancer risk in men 
The sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) is linked to cervical cancer in women. Men also are at increased risk for cancers caused by HPV. There are measures you can take to keep yourself safe, though. Learn more from Dr. James Steckelberg, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases specialist.

Support groups: Make connections and get help 
Support groups bring together people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences. A support group provides an opportunity for people to share personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, or firsthand information about diseases or treatments. Talking with others who have cancer may help you feel less lonely and more in control. Learn more about support groups and get tips on choosing one that might fit your needs.