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    Living With Cancer: Ginger and nausea

a wooden table with fresh ginger root and a bowl of ground gingerGinger for nausea: Does it work? 
Nausea and vomiting are common side effects of chemotherapy treatment for cancer. There is evidence that, when taken with standard anti-nausea medications, ginger may help. Learn more from Dr. Brent Bauer, director of Mayo Clinic's Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program.

Complementary medicine for metastatic breast cancer
Dealing with metastatic breast cancer can take a physical and mental toll. Acupuncture, meditation, yoga and other complementary approaches can help you cope.

Cancer diagnosis: 11 tips for coping
Learning that you have cancer is a difficult experience. You may feel anxious, afraid or overwhelmed, and wonder how you can cope during the days ahead. Here are 11 suggestions for coping with a cancer diagnosis.