• Living With Cancer: Guided imagery may help with the stress of your diagnosis

a stack of smooth, flat stones and a sprig of bamboo in a shallow pool of water with ripples on the surfaceUsing imagery to meditate can help with the stress of cancer
Guided imagery — using words and music to imagine a place of peace and relaxation — may help you manage the stresses of cancer. Learn how to relax with these easy-to-follow steps.

Multiple myeloma: What treatment is right for you?
No standard treatment for multiple myeloma exists, and there are many factors that influence treatment options. Learn about multiple myeloma treatment and what you and your doctor might decide is best for you.

Slideshow: Radiation therapy treatment planning
Before you begin radiation treatment, your radiation therapy team carefully plans your treatment in a process called radiation simulation. Treatment planning usually involves positioning your body, making marks on your skin and taking imaging scans.

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