• By Laurel Kelly

Living With Cancer: Sexual side effects for men

June 16, 2017

a young couple in bed, looking sad or upsetCancer treatment for men: Possible sexual side effects
Not every man with cancer will experience sexual side effects. Treatment for certain cancers can affect sexuality, though, causing a range of signs and symptoms that can make sex difficult. Find out which cancer treatments can cause sexual side effects and what you can do to cope if you're at risk.

Understanding prostate cancer, one man at a time
Mayo Clinic researchers are using genetic sequencing to improve treatments for men with advanced prostate cancer. They're attempting to understand how tumors respond to different treatments, based on the genetic information of individual tumors. Learn more about the research and whether you might be eligible to enroll in the study.

Bladder cancer: Coping and support
Living with the concern that your bladder cancer may recur can leave you feeling as if you have little control over your future. While there's no way to ensure that your bladder cancer won't recur, you can take steps to manage the stress.