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    Living With Cancer: Small bowel cancer

a medical illustration of small bowel cancerSmall bowel cancer: An Overview
Small bowel cancer is an uncommon type of cancer that occurs in the small intestine. Treatment options depend on the type of small bowel cancer and its stage. Here's what you should know.

Talking with your doctor about multiple myeloma
After a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, you may be filled with questions to ask your doctor. Here are some things to think about and ways to get the most out of your appointments.

Video: How cancer spreads
Cancer spreads, or metastasizes, when cancer cells break away from the original tumor and travel through your bloodstream or lymphatic system to other parts of your body. The appearance of cancer cells and the way they spread vary depending on the type of cancer, and not all cancers metastasize. This video shows how a type of skin cancer called melanoma can metastasize.