• Living With Cancer: Treating prostate cancer with brachytherapy

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Prostate cancer brachytherapy: Can radiation pass to others?
Prostate brachytherapy is a form of radiation therapy used to treat prostate cancer. The radioactive "seeds" are implanted into the prostate gland, so that radiation is delivered directly to the prostate, minimizing radiation to the surrounding tissue. Depending on the type of prostate cancer brachytherapy you receive, your health care provider may recommend some precautions in the weeks after the procedure to protect others. Learn more from Dr. Erik Castle, a Mayo Clinic urologist.

Pap test: Can it detect ovarian cancer?
A Pap test, also called a Pap smear, is a procedure to test for cervical cancer in women. A Pap smear also can detect changes in cervical cells that suggest cancer may develop in the future. If ovarian cancer cells travel away from your ovaries through your fallopian tubes and uterus to the area around your cervix, the ovarian cancer cells could be collected during a Pap test. But this is rare, so the Pap test isn't a reliable test for ovarian cancer. Learn more from Dr. Shannon Laughlin-Tommaso, a Mayo Clinic OB-GYN.

Treatment for breast cancer  
Following a breast cancer diagnosis, your health care provider will establish the extent, or stage, of your cancer. Your treatment options will depend on your type of breast cancer; its stage, grade and size; whether the cancer cells are sensitive to hormones; and your overall health and preferences. Most women undergo surgery for breast cancer and many also receive additional treatment after surgery, such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy or radiation. Chemotherapy also might be used before surgery in certain situations. And men can have breast cancer, too. Tests and treatments for men are similar to those for women, including the use of mammography to investigate changes in breast tissue. Learn more about the treatment options for breast cancer and what you can expect with each.

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