• Living With Cancer: Understanding brachytherapy treatment for cancer

a close-up of a smiling middle-aged man outsideBrachytherapy treatment for cancer 
Brachytherapy treatment, sometimes called internal radiation, involves inserting radioactive material into your body near the cancer. This allows delivery of higher doses of radiation to specific areas of the body, compared with the conventional form of external beam radiation therapy that projects radiation from a machine outside of your body. Brachytherapy may cause fewer side effects than external beam radiation, and the overall treatment time usually is shorter with brachytherapy. Learn more about brachytherapy treatment for cancer, the types of cancer for which it's used and whether it might be right for you.

Nutrition, appetite and cancer treatment
Sometimes cancer or cancer treatment can affect your appetite. Though you may not feel like eating, it's important to do what you can to maintain your calorie, protein and fluid intake. Try these tips to plan meals and snacks that will be more appealing and provide the nutrition you need.

Treating recurrent breast cancer 
If your health care provider suspects you may have recurrent breast cancer based on results of a mammogram or physical exam, or because of signs and symptoms, he or she may recommend additional tests to confirm the diagnosis. Your treatment options will depend on several factors, including the extent of the disease and its hormone receptor status; the type of treatment you received for your first breast cancer; and your overall health, goals and treatment preferences. Learn more about the treatment options for recurrent breast cancer.

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