• Living With Cancer: Understanding testicular cancer

Testicular cancer: Diagnosis and treatment
April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, which makes it a good time to learn more about testicular cancer, the most common cancer in American men 15 to 35. Testicular cancer is highly treatable, even when cancer has spread beyond the testicle. Depending on the type and stage of testicular cancer, you may receive one of several treatments or a combination. Learn more about the diagnosis and treatment options for testicular cancer.

Bone marrow transplant
A bone marrow transplant, also called a stem cell transplant, infuses healthy blood stem cells into your body to replace damaged or diseased bone marrow. Bone marrow transplants can benefit people with many cancerous and noncancerous diseases. How does it work? What are the risks? What happens afterward? Here's what you need to know.

Medical marijuana
In the U.S., medical marijuana, also referred to as medical cannabis, is legal in a growing number of states. Medical marijuana is prescribed to ease pain, nausea and other side effects of medical treatments, as well as treat some diseases. Depending on why a person is prescribed medical marijuana, treatment may be short term or continue for years. Learn more about the qualifying conditions; the potential risks and side effects; and the forms available, including two drugs made from synthetic versions of ingredients found in marijuana.

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