• Living With Cancer: What is cholangiocarcinoma?

a medical illustration of cholangiocarcinomaCholangiocarcinoma: An overview
Cholangiocarcinoma is cancer that forms in the bile ducts — the slender tubes that carry the digestive fluid bile and connect the liver with the gallbladder and the small intestine. This is an uncommon form of cancer that occurs mostly in people older than 50, though it can occur at any age. Learn more about the different types of bile duct cancer and the causes, symptoms and treatment options.

Cancer caregivers: Remember to take care of yourself
Just as your loved one with cancer needs care, so do you. From enjoying your favorite music or walking in the woods, to asking for help when you need it, here are some easy ways you can reconnect and take care of yourself, too.

Cancer treatment myths
Misconceptions about cancer treatment might make you feel confused or unsure when choosing a treatment. Knowing the truth can help you feel more comfortable. Learn more from Dr. Timothy Moynihan, a Mayo Clinic medical oncologist.

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