• Living With Cancer: What to do after a cancer diagnosis

a worried middle-aged couple talking with a health care provider in her office

Cancer diagnosis? Advice for dealing with what comes next  
Almost half of all men and one-third of all women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer at some time in their lives. And a cancer diagnosis often comes with little warning. Here, Dr. Edward Creagan, an emeritus Mayo Clinic oncologist and palliative care specialist, offers his advice on what to expect and how to cope after a cancer diagnosis.

Video: 'Dragon Boats and Breast Cancer'  
What do you get when you arm a bunch of breast cancer survivors and their friends with life vests, boat paddles and pink T-shirts? The answer is a competitive dragon boat team set on spreading the news that exercise and camaraderie are key to beating breast cancer.

Myxofibrosarcoma is a type of cancer that typically appears as a slow-growing, painless lump on one of your legs or arms. The disease occurs mainly in people 50 to 70 and is slightly more common in men than in women. Myxofibrosarcoma often is mistaken for a benign tumor and treated as such by removing only the visible growth. This delays accurate diagnosis and complicates further treatment. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of myxofibrosarcoma.

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