• By Dennis Douda

Making Organ Transplant Work for Courtney

May 12, 2015

Double organ transplant patient Courtney Kidd

Medical innovation has helped a Chicago-area woman receive a lifesaving double organ transplant, even after she’d been told it wasn’t an option. Previous surgeries had made her risk of organ rejection too high. Her Mayo Clinic doctors, however, turned her dire situation into an advantage. Here’s Dennis Douda with the Mayo Clinic News Network.

Courtney is working to raise organ donor awareness. Anyone who’d like to wish her well can do so at her Facebook page.

Journalists: The broadcast quality video package and additional b-roll are available in the downloads. Click here to read the full script. 



Jim in Grand Junction

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Posted by @jimingrandjunction, May 15, 2015

Wonderful story. Happy Birthday to you too.

My son had a triple transplant in June 2011 (heart, liver, kidney) and he is doing wonderful. No signs of rejection. Your future is ahead of you. I wish you the best. The Mayo does such awesome things.

God bless your donor and his/her family.

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