• Male Breast Cancer – Henry’s Story

Henry and Claudia
Henry and Claudia Corral

Henry Corral had always enjoyed a full life in Arizona - staying fit, spending time with his family and working in the high tech industry.  In March of 2011, his life turned upside down. He received a diagnosis that few men expect to hear – breast cancer.

The incidence of male breast cancer is rare and less than 1% of all breast carcinomas occur in men. Henry had no idea that his symptoms could be a sign of breast cancer but fortunately he listened to his body.  He sought the advice of his local physician who referred him to Mayo Clinic.

After a series of tests, including a mammogram, Henry received his breast cancer diagnosis. The oncology team recommended a mastectomy of his left breast followed by a five year course of hormone therapy. Today, his prognosis for a full recovery looks positive. “Mammograms for me have become a part of my life,” he adds.

Henry shares his journey facing a diagnosis that rarely strikes men to encourage others to seek medical attention for any symptom out of the ordinary. “My advice to men out there is regardless how active, how healthy you are,” he states, “anytime you feel something like this, get it checked out as soon as possible.”

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