• By Joel Streed

Managing Prescriptions/Endometrial Cancer Test/Tinnitus: Mayo Clinic Radio

April 20, 2015

Taking a prescription drug can be confusing. And taking several medications ... some before breakfast and others just before bed ... can multiply the challenges. On this week's Mayo Clinic Radio, pharmacist Jeremy Anderson answers common questions about managing your prescriptions. Also on the program, gynecologic oncologist Dr. Jamie Bakkum-Gamez talks about a new screening test for endometrial cancer that uses tampons. And we'll discuss ringing in your ears, known as tinnitus (TIN-ih-tus), with Mayo Clinic audiologist Dr. Janalene Niichel.

Here's the podcast: Mayo Clinic Radio PODCAST 04-18-15

Thank you Mayo Clinic. Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 was an important Act and a step in the right direction for our country. I think we, as a country, have made numerous (even if they are baby steps) moves to increase equality for all. Congress did the right thing in 1972. I am proud that Mayo is adhering to this act and setting an example for the country!

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