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    Marriage is good for your cerebrovascular health – especially for men

Saying "I do" at the altar may have unforeseen health benefits down the road, especially for the groom. Research at Mayo Clinic in Arizona shows that’s true when it comes to seeking care for stroke symptoms.

A Mayo Clinic study, presented at the American Stroke Conference in New Orleans in early February, says that men experiencing a stroke call for emergency help quicker than women, especially if they are married.

“Marriage has long been shown to offer health benefits and often more for men,” said Joyce Lee-Iannotti, M.D., a neurology Fellow at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, and author of the study. “The reasons are unclear, but it’s been postulated that it can be societal roles, where women take on the roles of caregivers and advise their spouses to seek care, often putting their own health behind that of their children and husband.”

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