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    Mayo Clinic announces plans to grow, modernize Saint Marys Campus, Cardiac Surgery facilities

This news release was edited on 12/18/17 with details about surgical expansion and modernization. 

ROCHESTER, Minn. — The Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees approved plans for enhanced and increased procedural and patient-dedicated facilities at Mayo Clinic Hospital – Rochester, Saint Marys Campus. Mayo Clinic will invest $217 million in the growth and modernization of Saint Marys Campus, while also relocating and upgrading its surgical facilities. Both sets of projects will address the needs of an increasingly complex patient population, rising inpatient volume and innovative practice, while providing the highest level of safe, efficient and affordable care.

“These enhancements further Mayo Clinic’s mission of advancing the practice by investing in our facilities to help ensure we provide the best possible care for our patients,” says C. Michel Harper, M.D., executive dean for practice at Mayo Clinic. “The improvement of our facilities is a natural extension of Mayo Clinic’s efforts to provide both a modern and coordinated health care environment.”

Saint Marys modernization and growth

Mayo Clinic’s Saint Marys Campus will undergo a series of large-scale projects to modernize and expand facilities while consolidating key specialties and achieving strategic practice adjacencies. The approved plans will allow for flexibility of patient volume variation and will preserve capacity for practice growth.

“This project not only demonstrates Mayo Clinic’s commitment to our mission, but also our commitment to the future growth of Rochester,” says John Noseworthy, M.D., president and CEO of Mayo Clinic. “With this significant investment, we will increase Mayo’s capacity to provide the best possible care for our patients and also create jobs and economic growth in Rochester and the region.”

The comprehensive set of capital projects is set to be completed over the span of five years, with construction set to begin this year. The rollout will be phased and prioritized based on patient care and safety needs.

Specific projects at Saint Marys Campus include:

  • Three-floor expansion of Generose Building
    The addition of floors 4–6 to the Generose Building will add approximately 150,000 square feet to the building. Roughly half of the space will be used for a consolidated Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation inpatient and therapy space. The remaining 1.5 floors of shelled space will be purposed in the future as the practice determines.
  • Fit-out of Saint Marys Campus – East Tower floors 7-10
    The 104,000 square feet added by the completion of these floors will allow for relocation of the 78 beds from the 95-year-old Joseph Building. Saint Marys Campus has 150 semiprivate general care beds, and this project will decrease that number in favor of private patient rooms with private bathrooms and showers. The project will eliminate the need for all communal showers shared by 143 beds at Saint Marys Campus.
  • Renovation, expansion of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
    There are 26 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit beds, 20 of which are semiprivate. This will be transformed to a 35-bed modernized unit with private rooms. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit capacity will increase from 16 to 23 private beds.
  • Modernization, expansion of Cardiovascular Diseases Intensive Care Unit and associated spaces
    Part of the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases procedural space will be updated and expanded during the plan’s five-year construction span. Associated preoperative and postoperative space and Coronary Intensive Care also will be modernized and expanded for increased capacity.

Surgery expansion and modernization

In addition to the Saint Marys modernization and growth projects, Mayo Clinic also approved the expansion of surgery from the first floor of Mary Brigh and East Tower to the third floor shell space of the East Tower. The relocation and upgrade in facilities reflect the projected future growth of surgical cases for Saint Marys Campus. This move will provide capacity to facilitate an innovative and collaborative surgical practice while providing the ability to modernize the existing surgical spaces.

“Mayo Clinic continues to grow along with the needs and volume of our patient population. Providing the best care means having access to world-class facilities and technologies,” says Robert Cima, M.D., medical director of Mayo Clinic Hospital Operations. “These improvements to the surgical practice are an investment in patient care and reflect Mayo Clinic’s standing as a global destination for health care.”

The fit-out of the East Tower third floor will include over 36,000 square feet and feature 11 larger, more efficient operating rooms, associated core and support space and preoperative and postoperative spaces. The spaces will be equipped with physiological monitoring, integration and anesthesia equipment necessary to support the surgical practice in each of the operating rooms. Construction is slated to begin this year and will be completed in late 2019.

Some of the existing surgical operating rooms on Mary Brigh first floor are now limited in size. This project will allow decompression of the first floor operating suite, making future modernization of these spaces possible.

Additional projects in Florida, Mankato

The growth and modernization taking place in Mayo Clinic is not limited to Rochester. This capital projects announcement follows that of Mayo Clinic’s Florida Campus, where $70.5 million will be invested in four additional floors on the Mayo Building South. Construction will be completed at the Jacksonville, Florida, campus in 2019.  The Florida campus is expected to grow by 300,000 square feet with hundreds of new staff hired in the next five years.

Additionally, Mayo Clinic Health System recently announced a hospital surgical suite expansion at its Mankato location. This investment in the region’s patients and communities will include an expansion of the Department of Orthopedic Sports and Medicine Clinic on the Mankato hospital’s first floor. Construction is expected to begin later this year.


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