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    Mayo Clinic Job Application Process

For six years in a row, Mayo Clinic has been voted one of Forbes “100 Best Companies to Work For” and with the economy as it is, you may be asking yourself “how do I get a position at Mayo Clinic?” As a Staffing Specialist in the Human Resources department in Arizona, I can only speak to positions at this site, but I can share some helpful hints and some insight into our application process.

If you have ever attempted to apply for a position at Mayo Clinic, then you understand what I mean when I say that the process can be a bit tedious, but I assure you that there is a method to our madness. Because Mayo Clinic is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a government contractor, we are held to certain standards and regulations as an employer and one of our main goals is to show fair and equal hiring practices. We have found that one of the best ways to track our hiring process and to show fair and equal hiring practices is through our online application system; therefore, all resumes/applications must go through the Intranet/Internet website. Resumes given directly to managers or supervisors cannot be considered as applications or place a candidate in official applicant status.

Once a position is approved it is posted either departmental only, internal to current Mayo employees only, or to the general public. If the position is public, then you will see it on Mayo Clinic's site for jobs in Arizona  or http://www.mayo-clinic-jobs.com/. The process is very easy from this point forward:

Step 1: Identify which positions you are interested in applying to. Please apply for each specific position that you are interested in, as applications are not kept in a general file and you are not able to submit a general application.

Step 2: Create a username and password. If you have created a profile in the past, please update your existing profile rather than creating a new profile. You should call the Employment Service Center (ESC) at 1-888-266-0440 if you need assistance with your username or password.

Step 3: Complete five application sections: Personal Info, Work Preference, Employment History, Education, Cert/License, and a Summary. If all five of the application sections and the summary are not complete, you will receive an “incomplete application” e-mail. Although attaching a resume is desired by most hiring managers, completion of the entire application is also necessary, including entering all previous employers into the “Employment History” section. Please be as accurate as possible on all sections particularly with dates of employment, work history and, if applicable, any criminal convictions. Helpful hint: Include work history up to the past 10 years and any relevant experience to the job you are applying to.

Step 4: Confirm you have applied to all positions of interest.

Step 5: The department’s assigned Staffing Specialist will be the first person to review your application. If you meet all of the minimum requirements listed in the job description and any additional pre-set criteria that the manager has is requiring, then your application will be forwarded on to the hiring manager. If you do not meet these qualifications, then you will receive an e-mail notification. It is very important to provide your e-mail on your application, so that you can receive any notifications (i.e. receipt of application, incomplete application, etc.).

Step 6: After the hiring manager reviews your application, he/she will determine whether they would like to schedule an interview. If so you will receive a phone call from the hiring manager or a representative; otherwise, you will receive an e-mail notification. Please be aware that turnaround times may vary depending upon volume of applicants and needs of the department. The process may take several weeks.

If you do receive an e-mail notification, please do not be discouraged. Many of our positions are high volume positions and receive a large number of applications. Please continue to apply to all positions in which you meet the minimum qualifications and are positions of interest.

Well, I hope this information has helped. Good luck on your job search!