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    Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program hosts ‘Battle of the Badges’ — friendly competition among first responders for a good cause

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ROCHESTER, Minn. — First responders choose their careers for many reasons, including working with the public, creating safe communities for everyone to enjoy, and saving lives. Join and help promote the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program in its “Battle of the Badges” blood donation challenge, which supports Olmsted County’s first responders.

The “Battle of the Badges” blood donation challenge is underway.

Participating entities are Gold Cross in Olmsted County, Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office, Olmsted County fire departments (Byron, Rochester and Stewartville), and the Rochester Police Department.

Anyone from the community 16 or older can donate blood on behalf of one of these organizations. Schedule an appointment by calling 507-284-4475. Walk-ins are welcome, too.

There are two donation sites on Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus: Hilton Building, First Floor, and Joseph Building, Main Floor, Room M-86. View more detailed location information.

The challenge will continue through Dec. 31.

There is no substitute for the lifesaving gift of blood, and patients rely on the caring spirit of blood donors. The goal of this fun, friendly challenge, which is being hosted by the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program, is to save lives through blood donation and build community relationships and awareness about donating blood and blood products.

“Blood cannot be created in a laboratory; it is truly a gift of life,” says Justin Kreuter, M.D., medical director of Mayo’s Blood Donor Program. “Our first responders are saving lives every day, and we’re hoping this 'Battle of the Badges' can be a way to honor what they do — and also encourage others to consider blood donation.”

“The Mayo Clinic 'Battle of the Badges' blood donor challenge is a great way for these organizations in Olmsted County to have a friendly competition with one another,” says Capt. Brett Knapp, public information officer, Rochester Fire Department. “I know that our firefighters are hoping to come out on top in this challenge with the most donations, but we are also encouraging community participation. The more blood donations we can get, the more lives that can be saved.”

Learn more about the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program’s “Battle of the Badges” blood donation challenge.

To interview Dr. Kreuter or one of the “Battle of the Badges” first responder ambassadors, contact Gina Chiri-Osmond, Mayo Clinic Public Affairs, at 507-284-5005 or newsbureau@mayo.edu.


About the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program
The Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program was established in Rochester in 1935. Back then, donors were called in as needed and donated directly to a patient in the next room. Today, one person’s donation may save multiple lives. The Blood Donor Program relies on continuous and repeat healthy donors to have a steady blood supply for patients in need. The program recruits within Olmsted County and joins forces with the American Red Cross to meet Mayo Clinic patients’ blood needs.

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