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    Mayo Clinic Cancer Center installs Minnesota’s first robotic IV compounding system to prepare chemotherapy infusions

robotic IV compounding system


Mayo Clinic Cancer Center has installed Minnesota’s first robotic intravenous compounding system to prepare chemotherapy infusions for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. The new system offers the same unparalleled quality, safety and efficiency for patients and oncology staff as the current manual system, with less potential for staff exposure to hazardous chemotherapy medications.


Scott Soefje, Pharm.D., R.Ph., Director, Pharmacy Cancer Care

“The new system allows chemotherapy doses to be prepared with robotic precision with no possible staff exposure to chemotherapy medications,” says Scott Soefje, Director, Pharmacy Cancer Care at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center.  He says computerized bar coding ensures that patients receive the correct chemotherapy and the correct dose.

Clayton Irvine, Senior Manager, Oncology Cancer Care

“The robot utilizes the existing computerized bar-coding system at Mayo Clinic which is connected to each patient’s electronic health record,” says Clayton Irvine, Senior Manager, Oncology Cancer Care, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. “A chemotherapy nurse matches the chemotherapy dose to the patient’s prescription as a double check before infusion.” He says the new robot not only saves time but also allows staff members in the chemotherapy unit at Mayo Clinic to increase capacity to deliver infusions.

Zoom interviews with Dr. Soefje or Dr. Irvine, are available by request on Monday, April 4 by contacting newsbureau@mayo.edu.

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