• Mayo Clinic Cartoon-Style PSAs Take Aim at Rise in Melanoma Among Young People

Melanoma is deadly and it's on the rise, particularly among teens and young adults. Research shows it’s up eightfold among women and fourfold among young men under 40. Mayo Clinic dermatologist Jerry Brewer, M.D., says, “We’re seeing melanoma happen more often in even teenagers nowadays ... and one of the messages is that it can happen to you!"07pic_SkinMoleVideo
So, Mayo Clinic is reminding people of all ages to have fun in the sun, but be sun smart! To help deliver this message, especially to younger audiences, new public service announcements have been released in time for May's Skin Cancer Awareness Month.  Two cartoon moles — animal moles — illustrate the importance of four key skin cancer prevention and early detection tips: 
• Wear sunscreen
• Skip tanning beds
• Seek shade
• Get spots checked

The public service messages are available in the downloads for use on television, radio, online and other media platforms. Sound bites with Dr. Brewer are also available in the downloads.

To interview Dr. Brewer, contact:

Sharon Theimer

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• Radio spot for U.S. use (:28) Skin cancer PSA radio US MP3 
• Radio spot for international use (:28) Skin cancer PSA radio INT version MP3

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