• Center for Individualized Medicine Treats Complex Cancers, Solves Medical Mysteries

Mayo Clinic has always been a destination for patients seeking answers. Now, to help usher in a new age of medicine that uses technologies like whole genome sequencing, philanthropists Cecilia and Dan Carmichael are donating $5 million to launch the Individualized Medicine Clinic at Mayo Clinic in Florida. Dan Carmichael says, “It’s really an exciting time. We want to support the Mayo staff we’ve gotten to know and love in transforming care for our family and others.” The Mayo Clinic Individualized Medicine Clinic offers two types of consulting: one for cancer patients for whom standard treatments have failed, and one for "diagnostic odyssey" cases — complex or mysterious disorders that are difficult to diagnose but appear to have a genetic cause. 

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Journalists: Sound bites with Mr. and Mrs. Carmichael and Alexander Parker, Ph.D., an epidemiologist and Florida-based associate director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine, are available in the downloads.


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