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    Mayo Clinic: Diagnosing the source of voice problems can be challenging

PHOENIX – People who rely on their voice for a living can rely on Mayo Clinic if there is a problem.


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People who use their voices professionally – such as teachers, lawyers and especially performers – can face a number of medical and psychological problems that can interfere with its proper function, causing frustration and worry. Voice specialists at Mayo Clinic in Arizona are specially trained to work with people who have voice problems and are available around the clock to do so.

The Voice Program within the Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) at Mayo Clinic in Arizona provides immediate and expert care for people facing these voice complications. Understanding the unique and time-sensitive needs of professional performers, Mayo Clinic Voice Program medical experts are always on call, available to provide 24/7 diagnosis and treatment in urgent situations.

Voice problems can be caused by a number of factors, including disease, nodules, cysts, muscle tension, and anxiety or other psychological concerns. Diagnosing the source poses unique challenges. Mayo Clinic's Voice Program physicians and voice therapists use the latest in specialized diagnostic techniques such as aerodynamic and acoustic measurements, and stroboscopy, which evaluates the vocal folds at work in slow motion and allows the physician to check the tissue for internal damage that obstructs natural movement.

"Just as the human voice is capable of a rich and diverse vocal range, our Mayo Clinic specialists work with each patient to create an individualized treatment plan to address their specific need," says. David G. Lott, M.D.,director of the Mayo Clinic Voice Program. "Our physicians and voice therapists are skilled and continually trained in the latest medical, surgical, and behavioral techniques needed to get your voice back to where it should be: on stage, in perfect pitch and in your signature sound."


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