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    Mayo Clinic Experts Refute Vaccination Myths

This is National Infant Immunization Week , and Mayo Clinic vaccine expert Gregory Poland, M.D., and Mayo pediatrician Robert Jacobson, M.D. are refuting three of the most common myths about child vaccine safety.

Those myths are: 
• Babies’ systems aren’t ready for the number of vaccines given today.
• Vaccines can cause autoimmune diseases.
• Natural immunity is safer and better

Drs. Jacobson and Poland have written an article, The Clinician’s Guide to the Anti-Vaccinationists’ Galaxy, currently online in the journal Human Immunology.  They review these three immunity-related misconceptions that they say “fuel patient and parental concerns, questions and fears about vaccines.”   Dr. Poland says, “Thousands of children are at increased risk because of under-vaccination, and outbreaks of highly transmissible diseases have occurred. Primary care physicians have less time than most to explain the scientific case for vaccination.  This article gives them the background and tools to debunk some of the major myths.”

Soundbites from Dr. Poland are available in the downloads above.

Broadcast cg title:  Dr. Greg Poland, Mayo Clinic Vaccine Expert

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