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    Mayo Clinic Health System announces hospital projects in La Crosse, Mankato

ROCHESTER, Minn. ― Mayo Clinic Health System will build a new six-floor, 70-bed hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and expand and modernize the hospital in Mankato, Minnesota, by adding three new floors atop the existing building.

Both projects will greatly benefit patients and communities, as well as staff. They also will help Mayo Clinic Health System achieve its long-term vision of transforming community care.

Journalists: Broadcast-quality sound bites with Dr. Varkey are available in the downloads at the end of the post. Name super/CG: Prathibha Varkey, M.B.B.S./President: Mayo Clinic Health System/Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse and Mankato will have technology-enabled hospitals that foster a culture of excellence and equip staff with the latest tools to Cure, Connect and Transform community health care. These hospitals will incorporate telehealth, digital health and artificial intelligence technologies, along with design elements and efficiencies to support innovative care models and enhance the patient and staff experience for years to come.

"As part of our 2030 strategy, Mayo Clinic Health System will invest in forward-looking facilities and technologies that equip our staff to bring the best of Mayo Clinic care close to home for our patients and communities," says Prathibha Varkey, M.B.B.S., president of Mayo Clinic Health System. "When completed, our hospitals in La Crosse and Mankato will utilize technology and efficient design to support our staff and enhance the healing environment, as well as provide convenience, safety and comfort for patients and visitors. These next-generation hospitals are part of our long-term vision to transform community care locally while also setting the standard for community health systems across the country."

"We are excited to modernize the work environment for our staff, with improved workflows and efficiencies, and technology that will make their work easier," says Mary Jo Williamson, chief administrative officer of Mayo Clinic Health System. "When combined with our teams' excellent service and quality, these technology-enabled hospitals will empower our staff to provide the exceptional patient experience our communities have come to expect from Mayo Clinic Health System."

Learn more about each project:

La Crosse
The La Crosse project will replace the current hospital building with a new six-level, 70-bed hospital connected to the Cancer and Surgery Building.

The new facility will include:

  • A surgical and procedural floor adjacent to, and integrated with, the current operating rooms, and housing pre-recovery and post-recovery rooms.
  • Endoscopy suites.
  • Cardiac catheterization labs and interventional radiology.
  • Medical-surgical units.
  • A flexible ICU and Progressive Care Unit.
  • A new Family Birth Center.
  • Shell space for future growth.

The Mankato project features a 121-bed expansion. The project will include a three-floor vertical expansion atop the Emergency Department, Cancer Center and Specialty Clinic foyer.

Hospital floors within the new tower will link to the existing hospital and include:

  • A new and expanded ICU and Progressive Care Unit
  • A new Medical-Surgical Unit.
  • A new Family Birth Center, including Labor and Delivery, Postpartum, Triage, a cesarean surgical suite, and a Level 2 nursery.

The two projects constitute a $353 million investment in the future of Mayo Clinic Health System. Construction is expected to begin this spring at both locations and will be completed in 2024.


About Mayo Clinic Health System
Mayo Clinic Health System consists of clinics, hospitals and other facilities that serve the health care needs of people in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The community-based providers, paired with the resources and expertise of Mayo Clinic, enable patients in the region to receive highest-quality physical and virtual health care close to home.

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