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    Mayo Clinic Laboratories and Helix collaborate to provide comprehensive suite of laboratory services to biopharma customers

Mayo Clinic Laboratories, a leading reference laboratory, and Helix, the nation’s leading population genomics and viral surveillance company, today announced a new strategic collaboration that will provide biopharma customers access to a comprehensive joint laboratory offering for research and development initiatives across the drug development lifecycle. 

The offering will include a full spectrum of testing capabilities that leverages both Helix’s suite of next generation sequencing capabilities and Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ portfolio of more than 3,800 tests and pathology services. Together, Mayo Clinic Laboratories and Helix also will provide biopharma customers with full end-to-end laboratory testing support. 

“By pairing Helix’s innovative Exome+ assay with Mayo’s world-class clinical and diagnostic testing knowledge, this collaboration will allow biopharma companies to access molecular and nonmolecular testing services needed across the drug development process,” says William Morice II, M.D., Ph.D., president and CEO of Mayo Clinic Laboratories. “In addition to the testing knowledge, our Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists are available for consultation during this process to provide their expertise and guidance.”

You can read more about this announcement on the Mayo Clinic Laboratories page.