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    Mayo Clinic, Médica Sur expand relationship to advance cancer care

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MEXICO CITY — Médica Sur, the first international member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, and Mayo Clinic will deepen their relationship by working together to advance cancer care at Médica Sur. The new collaboration will begin July 1.

Dr. Misael Uribe Esquivel
Dr. Misael Uribe Esquivel

The expanded collaboration will initially be centered around enhancing breast cancer care, including diagnostics and treatment, with plans to add other forms of cancer and additional medical specialties.

"What has motivated Médica Sur to work together with Mayo Clinic fundamentally is sharing the same values and putting the needs of the patient above all else," says Dr. Misael Uribe Esquivel, chairman of the board of Médica Sur. "This new relationship opens an opportunity to benefit our patients in oncology, to provide them with timely diagnosis and treatment, starting with breast cancer."

G. Anton Decker, MBBCh
Dr. G. Anton Decker

Médica Sur joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network in 2013. Through the Mayo Clinic Care Network, select health care organizations around the globe access Mayo Clinic knowledge, expertise and resources. Newsweek ranks Médica Sur the No. 1 hospital in Mexico and Mayo Clinic the No. 1 hospital in the world.

"Médica Sur and Mayo Clinic have long shared a vision of working together to advance the quality and delivery of health care," says G. Anton Decker, MBBCh, president of Mayo Clinic International. "This new relationship builds on that collaboration to enhance care to benefit patients."

Mayo Clinic will take a comprehensive look at Médica Sur's breast cancer care and exchange best practices in various areas, including diagnostics, protocols, workflows and quality. The organizations also will explore ways to incorporate innovative technology into patient care.

Dr. Cheryl Willman
Dr. Cheryl Willman

"The Mayo Clinic Cancer Center is very pleased to collaborate with our Mayo Clinic Care Network member Médica Sur to assure that the patients they serve have access to outstanding, state-of-the-art cancer diagnostics and the development of individualized treatment plans that integrate cancer care delivered by multiple specialties," says Cheryl Willman, M.D., executive director of Mayo Clinic Cancer Programs and director of the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Médica Sur will remain independent and a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.


About Medica Sur
Médica Sur is a health institution made up of diagnostics, medical care, research, teaching and social assistance. It brings together a select group of professionals from medicine, nursing, administration and hospital operations, who, guided by a strict code of ethics and backed by cutting-edge technology, aim to offer a service of medical excellence with human warmth.

It has national and international certifications that endorse its patient safety processes, such as Joint Commission International. Since 2021, it has been rated as the best hospital in Mexico by Newsweek magazine and the Statista global data platform. Médica Sur was the first Mayo Clinic Care Network member outside the U.S. and the only one in Mexico to have a Mayo Clinic patient information center.

About Mayo Clinic
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