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    Mayo Clinic Minute: 2019’s top Mayo Clinic web searches

Many people turn to the web when symptoms arise or they want more information on health-related issues. Mayoclinic.org continues to be among the most trusted and accurate resources. This Mayo Clinic Minute breaks down the top terms searched on mayoclinic.org over the past year.

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Mayoclinic.org was visited more than 1 billion times in 2019 by people looking for reliable answers to health-related questions and concerns.

"You don't want to be swayed by incorrect information, and that's why it's really important to have a trusted resource. And mayoclinic.org is one of the most highly rated websites for health information," explains Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, mayoclinic.org's chief medical editor.

The information on mayoclinic.org is regularly reviewed by specialty medical editors.

"If there's new research, or late-breaking news on a condition or disease, our specialty medical experts are promptly engaged and asked to update the information to make sure it reflects the most current information. And that's what makes mayoclinic.org a trusted resource," Dr. Pruthi says.

So what kind of health information did people search for in 2019? Here's a list of the top terms that were searched on the mayoclinic.org site search bar from January to November:

Top DiseasesTop ProceduresTop Symptoms
1. Diabetes
2. Pneumonia
3. Lupus
4. Diverticulitis
5. Fibromyalgia
1. Colonoscopy
2. Hysterectomy
3. Knee replacement
4. Hip replacement
5. Hematocrit test
1. Cholesterol
2. Hypothyroidism symptoms
3. Headache
4. Lower-back pain
5. Weight loss