• Mayo Clinic Minute: Fill’er Up to How Much?

woman drinking out of a water bottle after exercising - staying hydratedFocused on your weight? New research indicates you might want to focus on water, too.

study published in the Annals of Family Medicine reveals that staying hydrated by drinking water and eating more water-laden fruits and vegetables could help people who are overweight to manage pounds.

Researchers at the University of Michigan measured the concentration of water in the urine of more than 9,500 adults. Results show hydration is especially important to people whose body mass index puts them in the overweight or obese category.

Researchers say it could be that people who are overweight are more likely to be inadequately hydrated or that people who stay well hydrated are less likely to be obese.

So, how much water is enough for the average man or woman? Dietitian Katherine Zeratsksy has the answer and some water intake tips in this Mayo Clinic Minute. Jeff Olsen reports.

Watch: The Mayo Clinic Minute

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