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    Mayo Clinic Minute: Get back to basic movement

How easy is it for you to crawl around on the floor? And, once you're down there, are you able to get back up again? Dani Johnson, a physical therapist with Mayo Clinic's Healthy Living Program, says as people age, they move less, which can make simple movements difficult.

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“I think one of the most dangerous things we do every day is sit ─ all day, every day,” Johnson says.

Inactivity makes your body forget how to move, making it harder to do things and increasing your risk of injury.

“If you drop something on the floor, can you get down and pick it up …

... without hurting yourself? So Dani and her team developed a class called the Elements of Movement.

“It’s basically designed around what we refer to as natural movement or fundamentals of movement," says Johnson.

Movements such as balancing to prevent falls, lifting weighted balls so you can put your luggage in the overhead bin or squatting so you can reach your keys on the floor and get up again are all examples.

“Really managing your environment with confidence,” says Johnson.

Spend time getting down on the floor. Take the stairs two at a time, or do a squat in your office chair. It’s about getting back to basic movements you could do as a kid, but movements you forgot to do as you age.