• Mayo Clinic Minute: How to eat healthy while on the run

In today's fast-paced world, sitting down for a healthy family meal isn't always an option. But eating on the go doesn't have to mean unhealthy eating. Kate Zeratsky, a registered dietitian nutritionist with the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, offers three tips to make meals on the move a little healthier.

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"Oftentimes, fries are the default side with many dishes, and, so, asking for a substitution for that can really help control the overall calorie and salt intake at a meal," Zeratsky says. "And, so, asking for a side salad or fresh fruit instead of fries is a great option."

Zeratsky says you should always try to check the calories, saturated fat and sodium count on menu items.

But if you can't ...

"... look for options for healthier food preparation such as things that are grilled or baked, or broiled instead of fried," she says.

She also suggests asking restaurants if you can order and pay for a small portion, so you're eating less overall.

If that's not an option ...

"... ask for a to-go box right away so you can box up half of that meal, or share that meal with someone else," Zeratsky says. "Just know going into it you're probably going to eat a smaller portion than what's offered."

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