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    Mayo Clinic Minute: Muskmelons are full of flavor, nutrients

They might have a smelly-sounding name, but muskmelons, like cantaloupes and honeydew, are actually sweet fruits full of flavor and nutrients.

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"Muskmelon is an overarching term that includes cantaloupe and honeydew. These fruits provide a wealth of health benefits, including antioxidant support for your immune system. They also promote eye health from the beta carotene," says Anya Miller, a Mayo Clinic dietitian.

Cantaloupes and other muskmelons are high in fiber, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and C.

"One cup of cantaloupe is about 50 calories and 90% water. So they're lower in calories, and they can provide a lot of benefits," says Miller. "You could add them to a fruit salad. You can freeze them and blend them into a sorbet with water and honey. You can add them to a smoothie." 

And it's important to pick out the perfect melon.

"To look for the ripest cantaloupe in the grocery store, look for symmetry and a little green. Also, feel for a heaviness in the fruit to make sure that it is ripe," says Miller. "And then when you get home to prepare it, make sure that you wash the cantaloupe and scrub off any visible dirt before slicing into it and dicing it up for your meal."

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