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    Mayo Clinic Minute: Reset your eating habits after the holiday

It's officially 2024. A new year offers new beginnings and an opportunity to reset your eating habits after the holidays. 

Andrea Delgado, a Mayo Clinic dietitian, says it's best to eliminate what you don't need, including those party food leftovers. 

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Is your refrigerator holding onto holiday leftovers? It's OK to let them go.

"What we want to do is, if we have any remaining food items or beverages that lingered after the holidays, we want to get rid of them," she says.

an out-of-focus close-up of the inside of a very full and disorganized refrigerator. Eating habits
Help reset your eating habits by removing holiday leftovers

Either throw leftovers away or slowly eat them in smaller portions.

"We also want to slowly regress back to our old habits. Start introducing vegetables and fruits with most meals," says Delgado.

And pay attention to your food portion sizes. 

"We don't necessarily have to go on a diet. We don't necessarily have to eliminate all of our foods. We just want to look at the portion sizes and the frequency that we have these foods," she says.

Opt for lean protein, whole grains and fresh produce in your diet, still allowing for an occasional treat.

"With nutrition, there is no all or nothing. We can still enjoy those nice treats, those good desserts, those savory beverages. It's all in how much and how often we are having them," says Delgado.

Reset your eating habits with portion control

Simplify your portion control by dividing your plate into three sections. This can assist you in making healthier food choices and managing your portions more effectively.

  • One-half: fruit and nonstarchy vegetables
  • One-quarter: whole grains
  • One-quarter: protein-rich foods, such as legumes, fish or lean meats

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