• By Jeff Olsen

Mayo Clinic Minute: Tick Bite Linked to Meat Allergy

August 8, 2016

a lone star tick on a blade of grassA bite from an aggressive tick called the lone star is triggering sensitivity to meat in some adults and children. In some cases, the reaction is life-threatening.

Once confined to the southern part of the U.S., the lone star tick is now being found farther north and west, and so are reports of allergic reactions to red meat following a bite.

In this Mayo Clinic Minute, microbiologist Dr. Bobbi Pritt shows you what a lone star tick looks like and explains how its bite can cause the allergic reaction to meat. Jeff Olsen reports.

Watch: The Mayo Clinic Minute

Journalists: Broadcast-quality video pkg (1:08) is in the downloads. Read the script.

My wife had a Lone Star tick bite her while we were fishing 4 years ago. It happened in Evans, Columbia County, Georgia. She was bit and it seems just in the last 6 months that it has gotten worse. She stays away from pork and beef, but it seems like dairy maybe affecting her now.

We don’t see where there is a cure right now but is anyone doing any trials?

If you have anyone you know that could help us please pass it on to them and/or give us their information so we can contact them.

Michael and Kathy Webb


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