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    Mayo Clinic Minute: Tips for sticking to a holiday season health routine

Sticking to a healthy routine can be a challenge at any time of year, but with tempting meals, travel and stressors around the holidays, it can be easy to get off track. Dr. John Presutti, a Mayo Clinic family medicine physician, shares tips for maintaining a healthy diet, exercise regimen and sleep pattern during the holiday season.

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Disrupting healthy routines around the holidays can have a negative impact on your health. Before you get together or sit down for a festive meal, have a plan.

"If it's a buffet style, choose the smaller plate, don't go for the large dinner plate, go for a salad plate," says Dr. Presutti. "And that gives you sort of the visual perception that you're filling the plate, although it'll be less calories."

Reach for more vegetables, take sips of water between bites and slow down how fast you're eating to help feel fuller and less fatigued after the meal. Next, find ways to exercise 150 minutes of each week.

"Look for opportunities to go for a walk, look for an opportunity to share some gym equipment," says Dr. Presutti.

A restful night's sleep is important, too. Whether traveling across time zones or entertaining guests in your home, pay attention to when it's time turn in.

"That will lead to you feeling better during the day, not being tired and being able to really jump into all the activities that the holidays might have to offer for you," says Dr. Presutti.


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