• Mayo Clinic Minute: Weekend warrior exercise tips

Exercise is an important factor when living a healthy life. But if you only have time to be physically active occasionally, there are some helpful weekend warrior exercise tips from a Mayo Clinic expert that you should know.

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If you're a weekend warrior when it comes to exercise, Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeon Dr. Anikar Chhabra (AH-nih-car SHAH-brah) says try cross-training.

"I suggest biking, elliptical, swimming, walking, hiking."

Doing those different physical activities works different muscles and decreases your chances for overuse injury. It's also easier to motivate yourself, and it's better for overall fitness.

"I tell my patients: 'Don’t go out just one day on the weekend. You have to try to work out several times a week,'" says Dr. Chhabra.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, split up over three to four days. It also is recommended to get two days of strength training.

But first, make sure you see your health care provider for an annual physical. And if you're just starting out, don't overdo it all at once.

"Know your body and use common sense. When we talk about weekend warriors, we worry mainly about muscle and tendon sprains or tears," says Dr. Chhabra.

You can prevent them by stretching before workouts and working your way up to the appropriate fitness level. And don't forget the cool-down stretch. It will help your body recover.

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