• Mayo Clinic Minute: What parents should know about kids and golf

Golf has become a popular and competitive sport for kids. But, like many other sports, golf puts kids at risk of specific types of injuries. Dr. Sanj Kakar, a Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeon, says overuse injuries are common on the golf course. He offers tips on how parents can help keep their kids healthy and injury-free on the fairway.

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“Erin, here, is our 16-year-old golfer.”

Erin got into golf because she likes it. As she chooses to become competitive …

“… it’s important to have lessons so she has proper physical form.”

Dr. Kakar says proper equipment, form and grip will help prevent common, overuse injuries, such as wrist tendonitis.

Don’t use an adult’s hand-me-down set of clubs for kids.

“Having good golf equipment which is fitted for them is probably the way to go.”

Next are form and grip.

“She’s got good, athletic posture and she’s got a good grip.”

How kids grip and swing the club are key to preventing injuries. At the top of the swing, don’t let the club drop down.

“That is stressing the tendons on this side, and can give you tendonitis.”

“And in the follow-through, as she comes down, the dominant wrist, the left wrist, is firm at impact.”

Hinging the wrists at the end of the swing, or letting them collapse can also cause tendonitis. What’s another big issue that puts kids at risk? Pushing them too hard too fast.

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